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Scholarship Application Instructions

Please submit a two to three page word document scholarship application with the following information included:

  • Personal Information - name, full address, phone number, date of birth, parents’ names & employment 

  • Email Address (one that you check regularly) 

  • Personal Statement - list of goals (education, career, personal) 

  • Current School Info - name of high school or college, class rank, expected graduation date 

  • School Transcripts

  • Recommendation Letter(s) (must submit at least one Letter of Recommendation)

  • College Choice(s) 

  • Intended Academic Major(s)/Area(s) of Study 

  • Academic Information - GPA, AP, honors courses

  • Parents’ Income 

  • School Activities - list of extracurricular activities, clubs, organizations, sports

  • Community Activities - volunteer, community or public service activities + # of hours volunteered 

  • Employment - list of internships, assistantships, summer jobs 

  • List of any awards or honors you have received 

  • Scholarship Essay (must be a least 4,000 characters long)

  • Scholarship amount requested (cannot be more than $2,000)

Please submit your scholarship application word document to

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